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Opening a new era in satellite fleet management
with the SMART Orbital Life Extension Vehicle

Orbital Satellite Services, Ltd. is an on-orbit satellite servicing company that uses proprietary systems and techniques to extend the life of geostationary telecommunications satellites by up to 12 years.

Its SMART Orbital Life Extension Vehicle (SMART-OLEVTM) will serve as a "space tug" system, taking over the attitude and orbit control functions of telecom satellites after their on-board propellant loads would be depleted.

Orbital Satellite Services brings together the design, engineering and operational expertise of three leading European space companies: Swedish Space Corporation, Germany’s Erwin Kayser-Threde GmbH, and Sener Grupo de Ingenieria SA from Spain.

It has successfully completed a European Space Agency-sponsored preliminary design review of the OLEV concept, and has demonstrated the technical and commercial feasibility of this spacecraft and its operation.


CEO Baard Eilertsen outlines the progress made by Orbital Satellite Services, including Eutelsat's evaluation of the SMART Orbital Life Extension Vehicle and the advancement of the "space tug" system's preliminary design review. In parallel, the industrial team is taking its first steps to establish the SMART-OLEV's international supply chain. more >>>